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Xylitol + calcium gum

Sawes Xylitol + Calcium gum is the easiest and most delicious help towards a perfect smile. Thanks to its composition, containing xylitol and calcium, it helps preserve tooth mineralisation, and its pleasant mint flavour is ideal for keeping your breath fresh.

Sun fruit candy

Few flavours are able to take you directly to the summer like our sun fruit candy, which concentrates all the juiciness of tangerines, peaches and oranges in just one soothing lozenge. Enjoy their aroma and delicious fresh fruit flavour and make the most of their many different benefits. With Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 […]

Fresh mint

The refreshing Fresh Mint cough drops have a surprising semi-hard exterior of menthol crystal, and a soft interior of ground fresh mint leaves. This combination leaves a feeling of intense freshness in the mouth and airways, and is ideal to keep your breath fresh and your nose clear. Mint is also a great ally in […]

Honey and lemon candy

Beneficial in themselves, the combination of honey and lemon multiplies their effects. Sawes sugar-free honey and lemon candy is therefore an essential ally in intensely soothing the throat and strengthening your defences. Can you think of a better or more delicious way of benefiting from the great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of honey and lemon?

Mint candy

Breathe deeply! Sawes sugar-free mint balsamic candy will help you fully open your airways while enjoying the pleasant mint flavour. Formulated with essential peppermint oil and menthol, this candy provides the many different natural benefits of the plant. This is why it has been one of the most commonly used in time immemorial to freshen […]

Lemon candy

Sugar-free lemon candy is ideal for caring for and protecting your voice and your throat thanks to its great soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and because it relieves hoarseness and even respiratory tract problems. All this with the delicious citrus freshness of the lemon. Available in blister packs or in bags, they are ideal for carrying […]

Iceland moss candy

Iceland moss only grows on rocks or trees on south-facing mountains. Because the greatest treasures are almost always found in the most out-of-the-way places. Thanks to its cough suppressant and anti-inflammatory properties, Iceland moss has been one of the most sought-after and highly-used plants since ancient times as a natural remedy to soothe coughs and […]

Eucalyptus candy

Its unique properties of eucalyptus can be found in its leaves, where all its aroma is concentrated. It is from here that the essential oil used to make our refreshing sugar-free eucalyptus candy is extracted. Try them, and enjoy their intense flavour while benefiting from their natural qualities: relieving sore throats and soothing coughs.

Echinacea candy

It can generally be said that echinacea awakens your defences. A plant capable of stimulating the immune system and fighting viral infection, making it one of the most commonly used during the winter. Our balsamic lozenges maintain the natural properties of echinacea, with a boost of Vitamin C. Try the deliciously mild and refreshing flavour […]

Mint liquorice

Mint liquorice balsamic lozenges are the ideal combination of the suggestive flavour of liquorice and the unmistakable freshness of mint. Small lozenges with no added sugar, they have a very pleasant taste and many different benefits, as they are especially suitable for soothing coughs and relieving sore throats, protecting the digestive system, helping cure mouth […]

Galiz pure

Galiz Pure is “traditional liquorice”. The Galiz Pure cough drops by Sawes are made of the highest quality liquorice extract to maintain all the properties of this root: relieving sore throats and coughs, protecting the digestive system and fighting intestinal problems, strengthening the immune system, providing vitality and freshening breath, among other benefits.

Forest fruit candy

It was in medieval times when these small, sweet and tasty fruits that grew on wild bushes became the essential food they are today thanks to their antioxidant properties and high vitamin content. Our candy concentrates the aromatic flavour of forest fruits and their many different benefits without harming teeth, as they are sugar free.

Strawberry candy

As sweet and appetising as a handful of fresh strawberries. Sawes sugar-free strawberry candy leaves a pleasant, long-lasting taste, making it ideal to freshen your mouth and as a sweet treat. Its blister pack also makes it very convenient for you to take the strawberry candy with you wherever you go.

Orange Candy

Just like drinking recently-squeezed juice. Our sugar-free orange candy, made of 100% natural ingredients, have a deliciously intense and refreshing flavour. Try them and benefit from the antioxidant properties of the citrus acid and the Vitamin C content of the orange.

Propolis candy, orange flavor.

Propolis is a resin made by bees to protect the hive and strengthen its structure. Protecting and strengthening is also what is achieved when you eat it, as propolis is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant. Enjoy the pleasant orange flavour of our sugar-free propolis candy and discover its incredible soothing feeling that is capable […]

Vitamin c gum

With a deliciously refreshing citrus flavour, Sawes Vitamin C gum will instantly help you feel good. Just two pieces of gum contain 125% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, the best dose of energy!