Sugar-free eucalyptus candies in a blister pack

Discover the intense and lasting flavour, you’ll be amazed by the effect.

Sugar-free eucalyptus balsamic candy. Pleasant and intense flavour. Especially suitable for people with respiratory conditions: relieves sore throats and calms coughs.

Sugar-free strawberry candies in a blister pack

An explosion of flavour, surprisingly sweet and refreshing

Sugar-free strawberry candy. Its refreshing strawberry flavour leaves a pleasant and lasting after-taste. Vitamin C and strawberry juice concentrate in the formula turn it into an appetizing candy.

Sugar-free lemon candies in a blister pack

Enjoy the refreshing power of lemon with extra vitamin C

Sugar-free lemon candy. Very pleasant flavour its high content of vitamin C helps strengthen our defences. Lemon relieves certain conditions of the airways, and some inflammation of the throat and hoarseness.

Sugar-free mint candies in a blister pack

To enjoy intense, pleasant and deep freshness: Breath in deeply!

Sugar-free mint balsamic candy. Formulated with peppermint and menthol essential oils producing cool and refreshing breath. Menthol is a great airway decongestant, it reduces coughs and relieves throat irritation.

Sugar-free honey-lemon candies in a blister pack

Extra smoothness and flavour for the most irritated throats

Sugar-free honey-lemon candies. Intensely sooths, very appropriate for sore throats. Our candies provides a large amount of vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory system of the body.

Sugar-free orange candies in a blister pack

Delicious taste of natural, intense and refreshing orange, suitable for everyone

Sugar-free orange candy. The delicious orange flavour and vitamin C intake is highly appreciated by our consumers. It contains citric acid, natural antioxidant that helps maintain health.

Sugar-free sage candies in a blister pack

Soft and delicate flavour, the most natural choice for medicinal plant lovers.

Sugar-free sage candy. Its delicate flavour stays in the mouth for a long time. It contains vitamin C, an essential nutrient for humans.