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Vitamin C


Propolis helps prevent colds and softens and soothes a sore throat with catarrh. Propolis candies, thanks to their healing properties, are particularly suitable for those suffering from respiratory conditions, or who have a certain predisposition to contracting them.

Never have there been so many medicinal properties together in a candy!

Especially suitable for all those who wish to take care of their health.

Its high content of high quality propolis, 66 mg. per candy containing 3.3% flavonoids valued as galangin, promotes the immunostimulatory, antiseptic and healing properties of the human body.

Propolis has an antimicrobial action on the body capable of preventing infections that can be caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. For this reasons it is known as the “natural antibiotic”

Nutritional values


The organic substances present in the propolis have a series of active ingredients of great therapeutic interest, such as:

    • Flavonoids (galangin, quercitin, etc.)
    • Aromatic acids and their esters (caffeic, cinnamic acid, etc.)
    • Aromatic aldehydes (Vanillin, isovainillin)
    • Cumarinas
    • Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

Available formats

  • blister
  • bolsa
  • caja
  • cajita metalica