Acilac AHA

The body treatment your skin needs: nourishes, repairs, hydrates and regenerates, leaving your skin silky, elastic and smooth for up to 24 hours.

Acilac AHA is an advanced body treatment milk which is high quality, non-greasy and with immediate absorption. Intense and prolonged hydration, providing elasticity and firmness to the skin with a rejuvenating effect and completely eliminates flaking. Especially appropriate for dry skin.

The intense skin hydration lasts for up to 24 hours thanks to its high content of lactic acid (5.5%), its salts Lactic / lactate Complex (substances naturally present in the skin), and especially thanks to its pH 3-3 5.

Totally eliminates flaking, leaving your skin elastic and smooth, even in cases of extreme dryness. Helps to eliminate stains and scars.

Its special formula provides deeper and more durable moisturizing than any other body milk. With Acilac AHA, 3 days of application are equivalent to 1 week of hydration.

Packed in a practical bottle with safety catch (newpap)

Formats: 400 ml. and 250 ml.

Improvement evident in the very short term

  • Hydration
  • Regeneration of the lipid layer
  • Cell regeneration

Especially suitable for

  • Dry and scaly skin


General characteristics:
  • Chemical structure: alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA)
  • A natural constituent of the skin (NMF: Natural Moisturising Factor)
  • Toxicologically safe
  • Lower potential of irritation and higher therapeutic index (cell renewal / irritation ratio) than other AHA (glycolic acid …)
Acilac AHA applications
  • Treatment of dry, scaly skin and associated discomfort (itching …)
  • Regeneration of the acid mantle.
  • Deep moisturizing and anti-wrinkle action
  • Reduction of damage caused by sun exposure (sun spots, extreme dryness …) and the use of detergents.
Skin functions
  • Plasticiser and moisturiser (due to its hygroscopic nature)
  • Stimulation of biosynthesis of ceramides. Integrity of the barrier function. Resistant to psoriasis . Eliminates flaking.
  • Keratolytic action – Removes flaking.
  • Cellular renewal – Rejuvenating effect.
  • Regulator of pH (acid mantle)
  • Firming and anti-wrinkle action.
  • Adjusts the differentiation of keratinocytes and formation of the inner layers of the corneous Stratum.
  • Reduction of the effects produced by detergents.
  • Reduces the damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.
  • Active inhibitor and preventive of skin blemishes. (Age Spots)
Effective pharmaceutical formulation (pH 3-3.5)

All clinical studies of lactic acid and lactates conclude that its formulation with acid pH radically improves its dermatological properties.

This relationship pH – effectiveness is reflected in summary form in the table below


Improvement with pH-3 (Acilac) Improvement width pH-7 (other)
Cell turnover 33% 9%
Firmness 35% 11%
Hydration 23% 18%
Softness 44% 15%
Anti-wrinkle action 55% 11%
Most frequent questions

To whom is “Acilac AHA” body milk treatment especially addressed?

In general to anyone who wants to have the skin that is always moisturised, especially to people with dry, scaly skin problems.

Why do we say that “Acilac” body milk treatment is a clinically and dermatologically perfect product?

Because an acid pH of 3-3.5 dramatically increases the regenerative, moisturizing and plasticising properties of the skin in the very short term.

Why does the skin remain hydrated for longer when applying “Acilac” instead of other body milks?

Healthy skin tries to maintain a determinate acidity. This acidity is measured in chemical terms as pH. The skin has a slightly acidic pH (5.5).

If a substance with different acidity is added to the skin, the skin will tend to neutralise it to maintain the value of 5.5.

To obtain a maximum effectiveness of the lactic acid it is important to incorporate it at a pH = 3-3.5, and make it stay with this value on the skin for as long as possible.

If lactic acid alone is incorporated, the skin will recover its pH of 5.5 in a very short time, because it will neutralise the lactic acid easily, but if it is incorporated as the chemically known “buffer system ” the skin will find it more difficult to neutralise the lactic acid and so it will remain longer on the skin with a therapeutically better acidity level (pH 3-3.5). Thus, the degree of visible hydration will be much more durable.

So, what happens if one day the milk for body care “Acilac” is not applied?

Absolutely nothing. After the first week of application the “buffer effect” keeps the skin perfectly hydrated even if someday Acilac is not applied. Hence our slogan “three days of application equals 1 week of hydration”

Why is there no other body treatment on the market with such a low pH 3 -3.5?

Body milks with a high concentration of lactic acid and lactates, and a low pH are highly unstable and tend to liquefy quickly, losing their cosmetic properties.

The patented formula of Acilac AHA has solved this problem for the first time.

Is the lactic acid / lactate acid combination of “Acilac” body milk treatment better than glycolic acid, used in other body milks?

No doubt! Lactic acid is a product that is found naturally in the skin, so it is toxicologically a safe product. It is also less irritating than glycolic acid.

Is there any added value in “Acilac” body milk treatment in addition to its moisturizing property?

Without doubt. The lactic acid accelerates cell turnover, so that the skin regenerates rapidly, and consequently, the skin is firmer.

And what are the benefits of having firmer skin?

Aesthetics of course. The firmer the skin, the fewer wrinkles that will form.

Does “Acilac” body milk treatment also have other advantages?

Yes and very important ones. It reduces the adverse effects caused by detergents, improves the skin after long exposure to the sun and is also an effective inhibitor of liver spots (age spots).