Repairing cream

Deep hydration and regeneration in the most affected areas. Say goodbye to flaking and cracking!

Acilac AHA Forte is a particularly suitable moisturiser for the hardest hit zones Its great exfoliating power and its capacity to produce immediate and prolonged hydration and deep regeneration of the skin, makes it particularly suitable for extremely dry and / or cracked areas such as elbows, knees, heels …

Deep skin regeneration

A long lasting and very penetrating moisturiser, specifically for cosmetic treatment of extremely dry and/or cracked areas. Recovers the softness in elbows, knees and heels.

Immediate and long lasting hydration

The high concentration of lactic acid / lactate complex (15%) facilitates a deep hydration and regeneration acting at the dermis level.

Exfoliating action

It has a great exfoliating power to loosen accumulated flakes on the skin’s surface. Helps in the treatment of corns and hyperkeratosis.

General characteristics
  • Chemical structure: alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA)
  • Toxicologically safe
  • Special cream for affected areas
  • Extra hydration
  • Extra regeneration
  • Packaged in tube with security seal
  • Format 100 ml.
Acilac Forte applications:

Cosmetic treatment of hyperkeratosis. Applied in areas such as heels, elbows and knees, it produces a rapid and sustained improvement of the treated area. As in the case of Acilac body milk, from the first applications it becomes highly effective even in the case of a batch treatment.

Help in the treatment of various skin diseases that manifest hyperkeratosis.

Prevent cracks and calluses.

Comparison of creams used in the treatment of very dry areas
Conventional moisturising Acilac Forte Urea 10% Urea > 20%
Hydration *** ***** **** *****
Regeneration    *** ****** *** ***
Increase of ceramides synthesis ** **** ** **
Exfoliation * **** ** ****

Against urea, lactic acid and lactates provide a plus regeneration and improved skin barrier function by increasing the synthesis of ceramides.

Most frequent questions

To whom is “Acilac AHA Forte” moisturizing cream especially addressed?

To anyone with dry and scaly skin presenting some extremely hit area (usually elbows, knees and heels) with flaking or cracking. It is also useful for the treatment of skin diseases causing hyperkeratosis.

Why do we say that the moisturiser “Acilac Forte” is a clinically and dermatologically perfect product?

Because an acid pH of 3 – 3.5 dramatically increases the regenerative, moisturizing and plasticising properties of the skin in the very short term.

Is the lactic acid / lactate acid combination of the moisturiser “Acilac Forte” cream better than urea, used in other moisturisers creams?

No doubt! In comparison with the urea used in other moisturizing creams, lactic acid and lactates of Acilac and Acilac Forte provide a plus of regeneration and improve the skin barrier by increasing the synthesis of ceramides.